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At times, China can appear like one of these places where things don’t really make sense.

Not only do they use a different character set — the mindset, the rules, and the way technology is being used in China is different as well.

Too often, folks from outside the country, fed on their dose of FOX News truthiness and outdated ideas on China are outright baffled when they see the real enchilada. At techblog86, an effort is made in bringing readers a more “touchable real China” for the tech, media and mobile worlds.

techblog86 is China’s tech, media and mobile worlds brought to you by David Feng. With many years of experience in the country, he’s both the miles (27 provinces visited), the docs (PhD in Communications; Lecturer of Media and English at Communication University, Beijing), and the experience (blogging about China & tech, albeit on and off at times, since late 2007; part of the Beijing tech world since 2002).

Content here is mainly (digital) media, Web 2.0, mobile Internet and general tech-related. David’s own personal interests (which is also linked to his principles uses of technology) include social media, mobile media in transport uses, and Chinese tech / media policy studies. This site in particular is best suited for those who wish to learn more about tech policies in China, or developments outside of major cities (Beijing and Shanghai).

Fellow students and colleagues in the academic world: the decision to include or exclude techblog86 from academic citations is a matter for you to decide. (Exceptions to these will be marked as necessary.) Some of the content will come more reliable sources, but others might end up as personal reflections only. Also, for David’s students, there is never an obligation to cite from this site for references.

Here before? techblog86 has gone through substantial changes. Instead of belonging to a previously-planned tech content network which went by the project name TechHub86, it has now returned to private possession (belonging once again directly to David Feng). Ownership has since changed again as of 01 January 2015 as it belonged to the Street Level China network.