Apple Readying Central Hangzhou Store

Apple Store Beijing

The next Apple Store to open will only be 45 minutes away from Shanghai by high speed rail — Longxiangqiao, a part of central Hangzhou (capital of China’s province of Zhejiang), will host Asia’s largest Apple Store (larger than that in Beijing, at Wangfujing).

Right now all that can be seen is a huge Apple logo in the middle of Chinese calligraphy — a first for Apple worldwide. Apple under Tim Cook has been increasingly focused on China, with Cook himself regularly meeting top Chinese government officials and ensuring services remain compliant with Chinese laws and regulations.

The new store will be at the Hu Bin Yintai Centre (Phase 4) and will be in the immediate vicinity of Hangzhou Metro Line 1′s Longxiangqiao station. It’s also not far from the city’s main (and also some clichéd) attraction — the West Lake. Interestingly enough, the opening was also reported by the city’s metro operator.

Longxiangqiao is just six stations away from the city’s main HSR hub at Hangzhou East (Hangzhoudong) and is in the heart of the city, just by the east bank of the West Lake.

The picture shown in this article is the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing.

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