Tweeting Into the New Year

tweeting into 2014
Ever tweeted at 00:00 01 Jan?

We’re not even a hundred hours into the new year (2014) here in Beijing (a little less if you’re on the West Coast of the United States), and the stats are already pouring in, thanks to Tech in Asia

The first minute of 2014 brought with it a surge of posts on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo. A whopping 808,298 posts surpassed last year’s record of 729,521, according to an official Sina account. It also beats out last year’s Chinese New Year record of 731,102.

Reasons why you might post on the stroke of midnight? Here are my ideas…

  • You’re alone.
  • You’re a geek.
  • New for this year: You want to mark the ’13 / ’14 crossover as 1314 in Chinese “numberspeak” means “this entire life” (and has romantic connotations).
  • You want to mark the occasion.
  • You had an important announcement to make on the stroke of midnight.*

* Now if you had a Chinese marketing mind, you’d have made some kind of sale at the stroke of midnight — of course, probably inspired by the 11 November Online Sales Rampage…

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