iPhone in China: The Question Is When

A myriad of interesting articles by way of @frankyu, pointing us to iPhonAsia.com:

An Apple executive team is apparently going to Beijing. Local media repots that Greg Joswiak, Apple VP for iPhone Product Marketing, will, along with a team from Apple, head to Beijing later this week. This could see iPhone talks restarted, as well as meetings with China Unicom and the PRC’s telco authorities. This is not, as the site has pointed out, the first-ever such talks; similar meetings happened earlier this year (in March and April 2009).

• A more recent post, iPhone in China… It ain’t over till it’s over, points to Tim Cook’s careful choice of words — and the oft-quoted timetable: “within a year”. The blog notes that this could mean tomorrow, or 12 months from now! There’s also a nice comparison of the iPhone and China negotiations to a basketball game between the US and China (there’s a pic of Yao Ming there, by the way). It’s not just Apple China, by the way, who wants the iPhone in the Middle Kingdom; even names like Best Buy China and Wal-Mart China are floating out there!

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