China: Migrant Workers Have Their Go on Macs

Migrant workers — you know, those people who make anything from high-rises to Subway systems possible in China, are those people who go into works sites and get on with the work in near-total silence. They’re, frankly speaking, the folks people can’t do without in China.

An interesting story happened on Sunday evening (August 2, 2009), when a few migrant workers walked into Beijing’s Sanlitun Apple Store and — started trying out a MacBook. They were dressed in a simple white vest — and so were pretty much identifiable from the rest of us. Yet they were still able to have a good time in the Apple Store, which featured not just aircon, but the world’s easiest to use computer — a Mac.

This pic and entry from Cao Fei’s Blog sums it up pretty well — migrant workers who, like everyone else, were having fun with the Mac — the computer for the rest of us.

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