iPhone + China: No Wifi, China Unicom

If you thought that China was without an iPhone, you’re wrong. Many folks have their iPhones in China over from Hong Kong or overseas, and your fellow blogger himself is an iPhone user and a dedicated tweeter on one of these things.

News coming in from German Mac site Mac Life reports a local, official version of the iPhone OKed — but without the crucial wifi option. PRC telco laws prohibit devices sold locally from doing both voice communications and wifi — apparently to get people pay extra for using long-distance services from local telcos.

This very iPhone, then, has been ridiculed amongst the Chinese Twittersphere as the “eunuch iPhone” (太监 iPhone). The phone is slated to be bundled with China Unicom, which uses the WCDMA protocol (as opposed to heavyweight China Mobile sticking by Chinese-made TD-SCDMA protocols).

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