Even the Beijing Subway Doesn’t Like the Great Firewall

Beijing’s Subway has recently been hit by at least one count of — anti-censorship stickers. It looks like one of those passengers had so much against the net blocks in force that he — resorted to George Carlin language, sticking a sticker (pardon the pun) that read: https://f***.gfw”.

The hashtag #f***GFW is often used in protest of the net censorship measures, which have removed direct access to Twitter, YouTube and a number of other social networking and Web 2.0 sites in China. And while the seemingly innocent Beijing Subway is just being hit by this, it just goes out to say how much an inconvenience the blocks are.

The sticker was found on a ticket fare gate on Line 13 — and may have been removed — but it lives on here in this picture (warning: strong language). It may have been removed as a result — after all, isn’t this micro-vandalism?

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