Farewell, China Netcom?

Are the days of China Netcom (中国网通) numbered? After the recent telco remix-cum-swallow-ups, authorized by the supreme Chinese telco gods, it looks like that the days of CNC, or China Netcom, could very well be numbered as China Unicom zeroes in on its prey.

China Unicom, for what it’s worth, is not budging, name-wise. It itself is getting the new 3G license, much needed as China Mobile is already doing 3G. Also, note that China Unicom’s new Zhongguo Jie logo dates back only to March 2006; the new logo, believe it or not, already foresaw 3G services. Therefore, any calls on a logo change for China Unicom are probably not going to go through.

Also of note is that the new Unicom is going to be a massive player in mobile telephony, with the new company slated to spend up to CNY 100 billion in the mobile market by 2009-2010. This kind of makes sense in practise, given the fact that, at present, Unicom’s signals can, at times, be weaker than that of China Mobile.

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