The Chinese Web in 2007: Special, Not Web 2.0, Misunderstood

Gang Lu’s Mobinode has an interesting story about the Chinese Web in 2007. Three things figure out prominently: the Chinese web remains special, it’s still not all that Web 2.0, and there’s still a gap in the way people outside China understand the Internet in the PRC.

Going into 2008, it looks like the Chinese Internet will still remain “special” (although here, isolation is a problem; “being special” isn’t that good when you relate it with “isolation”). Furthermore, China looks set to finally be part of that great big Web 2.0 this year. In terms of whether or not the rest of us has understood the Chinese Internet, Gang Lu remains unsure.

Also part of the Mobinode article is the Web Trend Map 2008. Take a look — and mind the gap between the Chinese and the Western Web worlds!

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